FAQfrequently asked questions

FAQfrequently asked questions

Are the bristle hairs natural or synthetic?

Our bristles are made from pure natural boar hair. We chose boar hair because they have a natural resistance to fraying and spreads medium to thick paints (i.e. chalked base paints) smoothly and evenly over synthetic.

Do the brushes shed?

Our brushes are hand-made and we have incorporated a wider ferrule to firmly hold the bristles in place. With that said, it's important to note that with every new brush it’s normal to have a few loose bristle hairs, even after prepping the bristle head. When you are ready to start using your brush and before you start painting, we highly recommend prepping the brush properly to avoid unnecessary shedding. When the brush is dry take the dull side of a knife and gently run it through the bristles in a sweeping motion. This will assist in removing the loose and rogue hairs and is something that should be done prior to painting. Once your brush has gone through its break-in period bristle loss will be nominal with proper ongoing maintenance. We recommend reviewing our Brush Care page for more details on maintaining your brushes.

What types of paint or waxes can I use with my brush(es)?

Our brushes are purpose-designed to pick up, hold and distribute latex, acrylic paints, chalk paint®, chalked based, and milk paint beautifully as well as most wax (cream, clear, dark, or soft) brands.

Do brushes leave brush strokes?

Yes, you will definitely have brush strokes if you use a chalked paint. One of the unique features and benefits of applying heavier paints (chalk, fusion, and milk paints) using a natural hair bristle brush is that it inherently gives you that traditional old World vintage charm, look and feel. Many of those things are based on the textures that you can create with heavier paints. You can create amazing looking texture primarily using a natural bristle brush.

If you’re looking for a smoother finish with a chalk paint try feathering the paint. Feathering is going to smooth out most of the paint strokes. With very light pressure and your brush angled up (not straight up and down), lightly brush over the paint smoothing out those heavy strokes. Watch feathering demonstration.

It’s also important to note: 

  • Don’t grab the brush with your whole fist, but rather grasp it similarly to how you hold a pencil.
  • When applying your paint, it’s best to gently lay down the paint with the brush and not push too hard onto your surface.
  • Try dipping the tip of your brush in a tad bit of water before you dip it into the paint. By keeping the tips of your bristles moist can help them be more pliable and gentle as they lay down the paint.
  • Paint in the same direction as the wood grain. Brushing against the grain will create texture as the paint reacts to natural texture of the wood.
  • Additionally, we have some great Tips and Tricks available on our site that many have found helpful.

What are the differences between the brushes?

Our brush set are designed for all of your large and small projects. Our customers have found that having a variety of brush styles and sizes together in one set to be extremely beneficial to completing their projects without delay.

  • Large round 2” brush is ideal for painting large surface areas (i.e. desk, tables, dressers, etc).
  • Smaller 1⅛" brushes (flat round & pointed) are perfect for small and detailed surface applications and those hard to reach areas.
  • The 1⅛" pointed brush is preferred for inside corners and hard to reach areas.
  • The 1⅛" flat round provides great results over smaller surface areas, stencil and transfer projects, and those detailed areas.

How do I clean my brush(es) after using them?

Our handmade cleaning and conditioning soap was created especially for our brushes. With ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and lye, your brush will keep in top shape. Don’t expect a ton of suds, just superior cleaning and conditioning power.

Alternatively, a mild grease-cutting dish soap or hair shampoo and conditioners can work well. Over time, the use of standard dish soaps will cause the bristles to dry out and become brittle. If you rinse your brush immediately after painting, just warm water is often enough to do the job effectively. But the use of harsher solvents on your natural bristle hairs will cause unwanted breakage and shedding. We recommend reviewing our Brush Care page for additional details on cleaning your brushes.

Do boar hair bristles smell?

Our brush bristles are double-washed during production but it's not uncommon for natural hair bristles, like boar hair, to have a slight musty odor. After a couple cleaning and wash cycles any remaining odor will dissipate. You should always let your brushes throughly dry in an open area before being put away to avoid what some may refer to as the wet dog smell.

On the rare occasion, a stronger smell can be associated to the natural ingredient, Camphor (Bhimseni Kapoor), used to clean and eliminate insects and germs found in natural hair. Camphor is derived from trees/plants and has an inherit strong odor. Camphor is also commonly found in popular vaporizer brands for its healing agents. The smell will naturally dissipate over time or after a few rinse and cleaning cycles. For those who wish to minimize the smell we recommend soaking just the bristles (not the ferrule) in vinegar or water/baking soda for roughly 10-15 minutes and then rinse and clean.

How do I keep my bristles from fanning out?

Boar hair bristles will naturally want to fan out over time. To prevent this, we recommend training your brush after every washing. It's a simple process and should resolve the bristles from fanning. After cleaning your brush, let your brush dry on a flat surface, wrap the bristle head using a cotton cloth, a household rag or a paper towel so the bristles retain their shape. This will help train any bristles that want to fan out to straighten up. Alternatively, you can apply a rubber band gently around the head of the brush or apply masking or painter tape, with the sticky side facing out, around the head of the brush. We recommend reviewing our Brush Care page for more details for maintaining your brushes.

Can I paint with a wet brush?

The excess water should be removed, leaving the brush damp but not wet. Slightly damp bristles are better suited for applying a smoother finish.

Do your brushes come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our brushes come with a 30 day limited-warranty. At Vintage Tonality we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, and this includes your item(s) being free from defect. If you have any issue with the product material or workmanship we want to hear from you. We will work hard to resolve the issue in a timely manner and make the process hassle free.

Are you an environmentally friendly company?

Doing good for the environment and doing good for humanity go hand in hand. We are continually looking for new ways and practices to improve our overall impact. Our packaging box sets are made from recycled materials and designed to be reusable. We’ve set up a company wide recycle program to minimize unnecessary waste. We have also made the decision to use the natural extraction of Camphor (Bhimseni Kapoor) derived from trees and plants, used to clean and eliminate insects and germs found in natural hair, instead of the lower cost and chemically produced Camphor extracted from turpentine. We still have improvements to make within our company but we are determined to leave the world a better place for our children.

Are you affiliated with Annie Sloan?

No. Our brushes work great with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan® but we have no affiliation and make no legal claim to their brand, products or services.

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