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Master Chalk & Wax Paint Brush Set



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All-in-One Brush Set

The Vintage | Tonality 17 piece painting and waxing brush set is gives you the brushes and tools to start and finish all of your DIY home decor and furniture repurposing projects. This master set gives you the amazing ability to create and capture those natural and vintage textures that transform a dull and ordinary piece of furniture into a home decor centerpiece. The brushes work with all chalked based paints, milk paints and wax brands (clear/dark), and furniture surfaces. The densely packed natural boar hair bristles are designed to hold and spread heavier paints that can be applied to wood, metal, plastic, fabric, ceramic, or glass while requiring almost no prep work and no priming. Having the right brushes and tools gives you the creative freedom to apply entirely different looks and feels to any painting project - Shabby Chic to Traditional Country Farmhouse to Rustic and Old World Vintage Charm.

6PACKBrush Set Includes

This complete professional brush set is custom engineered to paint and wax furniture for that high quality look you want. Our quality 100% pure natural boar hair bristles are specifically designed to create that authentic looking hand painted, old world charm without breaking your budget.

  • (1) 2 inch Round Brush
  • (1) 1.125 inch Flat Brush
  • (1) 1.125 inch Pointed Brush
  • (1) 4 inch Wide Flat Brush
  • (1) 1.65 inch Rounded Brush
  • (1) 2 inch Palm Brush
  • (1) Bristle Bar Soap
  • (3) Sanding / Distressing Foam Pads (#100 / #180 / #220)
  • (1) Paint Stir Paddle
  • (1) Paint Can Opener
  • (1) Bristle Prepping Knife
  • (1) Drill Cotton Cloth Storage Bag
  • (1) © Prepare Your Brush For Painting Guide
  • (1) Sturdy and reusable Kraft Gift Box
  • (1) © How to Prep, Clean & Maintain Your Brushes guide - exclusively designed for our brushes and extending their use (PDF + eBook)

Our environmentally friendly packaging is printed with recycled inks and made entirely of recycled (95% post-consumer waste), recyclable, reusable, and naturally biodegradable materials.

3 Chalk and Wax Paint Brush Set


Bristles: Pure Boar Hair (double-washed)
Handle Material:
Beech Wood
Ferrule Material:
Stainless Steel
Paint Types:
Ideal for heavier and thicker paints - decorative chalked paint, fusion, mineral, milk or wax, oil-based paints and top coats, varnishes, shellac, denamel, polycrylic, and polyurethane.


Works on wood, metal, plastic, fabric, ceramic or glass.
SM / Round: Small, detailed or delicate applications areas, stenciling, stamping
SM / POINTED: Inside corners, hard to reach areas, stenciling, delicate applications
LG / ROUNDED: Spreading paint or wax over larger surface areas for maximum coverage
WD / FLAT: Spreading paint over wide flat surfaces, applying blending or wash techniques
MD / ROUNDED: Applying wax into intricate, detailed areas and tight corners
LG / PALM: Ideal for waxing large surface areas and painting upholstery

+ View Brush Guide

*Soap is manufactured in a facility where it may come in contact with synthetic fragrance oils.

Brushes compatible with all Chalk Paint®, Chalked Base Finish Paint, Milk Paint & Finishing Wax Brands: Including the following paint and wax product brands: Annie Sloan®, Rustoleum®, Renaissance®, FolkArt®, Martha Stewart®, Fusion® Mineral, Dixie Belle®, DecoArt®, Waverly®, Retique It®, Miss Mustard Seed®, Valspar®, Ronseal®, Chalky®, Minwax®, and many more brands.



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"Reviews & Feedback"what our crafty customers are saying

67 Reviews | 4.94 Rating


JennG - Verified Buyer

Pretty good brushes
"Bought these brushes as I wanted two out of the set and was having a hard time locating them. They come with directions as to how to prep them for use and be sure to follow those to the letter...twice. The first large round brush I used (with the flat top), I only did it once and I had bristles come out all over. However, the next round with the tip, I did it twice and I think I had maybe 2-3 hairs total. The soap that comes with it is absolutely amazing and I wish it was not as expensive to buy more. In fact, I make soap and I wish I could copy the smell alone. Seriously, it is that good. However, the price to replace is way too high for one bar that size. The brushes themselves clean up very well. I used 3 brushes on my tables that I painted. I cleaned the paint brush with the soap and it cleaned super easy. I did not clean my wax brushes as I will use them again and if sealed it will not dry. The flat brush was used to clean any drips and it worked so well. I am very happy with my tables and I will attribute that to the brushes as these were my first ever chalk painting projects. I cannot wait to do more."


Marcia - Verified Buyer

Best collect of brushes!
"This collection of brushes it the best I've seen and the costs is unbelievable. Nice quality, variety of brushes covers everything you need for chalk, milk, and mineral paints. Soap provided for cleaning brushes has such a nice clean scent. I've paid over $20 for a single brush, so getting 7 brushes, and the cleaner for the brushes can't be beat. You won't regret this collection."


Peter - Verified Buyer

Great Set of Brushes
"Amazing set of brushes helped transform the dresser/night stand."


Anne H. - Verified Buyer

Best deal for your money, and the scent is heavenly.
"Love the collection and the packaging. I needed a bit of everything and this had it all. They look like good quality hair brushes. I like the feel of the handles."


Vicky Gauer - Verified Buyer

Great brushes!
"Very nice quality and price."


Cindy - Verified Buyer

High quality Brushes
"These brushes were amazing for my furniture project using chalk paint. They are super high quality and a fantastic value for your money. I know I will have these brushes for many years to come."


Stacy Williams - Verified Buyer

Love these brushes and kit
"Love this kit. I am excited to start using it!"


Ahuff3123 - Verified Buyer

I really like these brushes
"I love these brushes! I do a lot of painting w Fusion paint and resell and I hands down love these paint brushes! Some of them hug the furniture in all the right places and these are so affordable! ❤️ Thank you"


Jaye Johnson - Verified Buyer

Perfect for chalk painting furniture!
"Bought this kit to refinish a desk. Quality brushes with no shedding."


Mimi J - Verified Buyer

Great quality!
"I don't do the furniture refinishing thing to sell but I did redo some things for myself and the results are beautiful!"


Shannon - Verified Buyer

Awesome brushes
"Love the brushes. I like the way the conditioning soap cleans my brushes but don't really care for the scent. I would buy again for the brushes"


Rita - Verified Buyer

Loved all of the brushes.
"The pricing on them is so great, so much less than anyone else selling quality brushes. Thank you. The packages were fantastic."


Tracey Robinson - Verified Buyer

Good value for the price.
"I haven't used them a lot, but so far I'm really happy with the performance of the brushes I've used. I would buy them again."


Georgia - Verified Buyer

"I was looking for a kit with what I needed, and this one fit the bill. I love it."


Keri - Verified Buyer

Absolute Necessity!
"If you don't have the right paint brushes, your painting project just won't work the way you want it to. These brushes are perfect for furniture pieces. The brushes get into the hard spots unlike a regular brush. You will be glad you got these brushes."


Keri - Verified Buyer

Absolute Necessity!
"If you don't have the right paint brushes, your painting project just won't work the way you want it to. These brushes are perfect for furniture pieces. The brushes get into the hard spots unlike a regular brush. You will be glad you got these brushes."


Lisa Dodd - Verified Buyer

Perfect set for beginner or pro
"If you are new and looking for a great value, this is it! I received this set as a gift. Usually I paint with synthetic brushes for a smooth finish. Since receiving this set I find myself reaching for the brushes often. There seems to be a brush for ever project. Yes, there is initial bristle loss it lessens significantly with additional use. The soap smells amazing and brings a lovely scent to my work area."


wishihadagardener - Verified Buyer

Great starter package for $
"I really was pleasantly surprised that I liked this set as much as I do. I love to paint furniture, and decided to do it n both of the places that I live. Therefore, I needed another set of paints and another set of brushes. I took a chance and ordered these. Not only did I get nice brushes but other useful tools as well as a nice instructional pamphlet on brush care. Though they might not be absolute top of the line. I'm impressed."


wishihadagardner - Verified Buyer

Great starter package for $
"I really was pleasantly surprised that I liked this set as much as I do. I love to paint furniture, and decided to do it n both of the places that I live. Therefore, I needed another set of paints and another set of brushes. I took a chance and ordered these. Not only did I get nice brushes but other useful tools as well as a nice instructional pamphlet on brush care. Though they might not be absolute top of the line. I'm impressed."


Mario - Verified Buyer

"Excellent product, it was worth the investment."


jdy - Verified Buyer

First purchase
"My first purchase of chalk paint brushes. Didn't know what to expect. These brushes are beautifully made! The brushes were individually packaged in protective wrap and cellophane. The soap bar was inside a cloth bag..smells so clean. Just a box of surprise! Can't wait to start my first project."


JessShops - Verified Buyer

Excellent set and packaged very nicely
"I love this set, everything I need brush wise plus the flexible sanding pads are perfect."


N2Danke - Verified Buyer

Overall good
"I followed care instructions but lost a few brissels so be sure as you are painting or waxing to look for loose ones."


Rebecca - Verified Buyer

"This package was amazing! I spent $30 for one brush at Home Depot and the handle broke the first time I used it! There were so many brushes in this set, the soap that they sent to clean the brushes smells so good! Definitely worth the money!"


Jen C - Verified Buyer

Beautiful brushes
"I have used this a couple different times with chalk and milk paints, also wax. They are great so far. They clean up so nicely with sellers homemade soap. I would love some smaller stencil brushes"


Sherylanne - Verified Buyer

"This is a super nice set for the price. Six brushes total, in varying shapes and sizes. You could easily pay (almost the cost of this kit) for one brush elsewhere. I just received this so I can't speak on the quality at this time, but by all appearances and feels, I expect the quality to be good. The kit also includes a moisturizing brush cleaner/soap that smells amazing! A few handy tools are included, along with instructions for prepping the brushes. And the packaging is top notch! I definitely have no regrets on this purchase!"


Kylie - Verified Buyer

Great Quality
"Very nice quality and excellent price for what you get"


LynnieM - Verified Buyer

Awesome Chalk Paint Brush Kit
"Can I just say I fell in love the minute I opened the box and was hit by the most incredible fragrance. The conditioning soap smells so delicious I may have to buy a bar for the shower. LOL The brushes are beautiful and hold together well. Not a single strand fell out during use, they wash up beautifully and the wide variety of brushes addresses every need. At under $40, this was an incredible value. to buy a bar of that conditioning soap..."


Penny - Verified Buyer

prompt shipping, great products
"I am very satisfied with the purchase. fair pricing and quick ship. Will be back to do more business!"


Lisette Mahler - Verified Buyer

Great bundle
"They work very well, just after a few uses it started to lose its bristles."


Wahine129 - Verified Buyer

"Trying my hand at distressing furniture with chalk paints & waxes, this set is just the right ticket to add to my toolbox! Comes with all the brushes as seen on item page, sanding foam pads and cleaning & conditioning soap. After purchasing I received instructions from the seller on how to condition my brushes before use. I adore them and will be using these brushes for a long time to come. Highly recommended, great deal for the price."


ayleen - Verified Buyer

The soap is not for bath lol
"So funny I luv all the brushes especially the soap smell so good last night I took a shower and used soap lol until this mourning just found out is to clean the brushes lol"


jlm - Verified Buyer

"Wow I didn't expected this to be this great! I'm beyond excited!"


Edwin - Verified Buyer

"I am happy with the product. Thank you very much."


Sabrina Hill - Verified Buyer

Brush set for chalk paint/wax
"Although I have not used the brushes yet, the boxed set is just what I ordered. Everything is of high quality and there was no shedding as I examined the brushes. I am excited to use these when the weather warms in my area."


Donette - Verified Buyer

Was worth every single cent spent..
"So much value for the money..American company..and the brush cleaner soap is to die for!!!"


Laura - Verified Buyer

Bang for Buck
"Easy to use and even come with a special soap to clean. Haven't use all the brushes yet, but love the ones I've used. Be sure to prep brushes prior to using"


Sandra Garcia - Verified Buyer

The Best Product!!
"Came in a box, with instructions how to use, how to care for your brushes, a must to clean your brushes after use for the product to last longer!!!! The BEST!!!!!"


Elaine - Verified Buyer

Great quality!!
"Great quality and got d price!! These brushes have worked great for all my painting projects and diys. Thank you!"


Kk - Verified Buyer



T. Faske - Verified Buyer

Made in USA by a family business
"I bought these brushes to use with chalk paint. Love them and they are easy to clean. Greatest thing is supporting a family owned business and made in USA. I am really enjoying the brushes."


CJ - Verified Buyer

Beautiful Quality
"A joy to use. Don't be discouraged if the bristles become discolored. They clean up well, but they retain the pigment of previous jobs."


Kat - Verified Buyer

Best brushes and kit out there!
"This kit is everything I was looking for and more. The brushes are amazing quality, easy to use and clean. The soap is phenomenal! And the e-book is more helpful than I had thought it would be. I have pulled it up on a few occasions, and it has really helped with my projects as I am a beginner to using chalk paint and the various techniques. I was going for a specific look and could not figure out what I was doing wrong, the book had the answer. And the DIY chalk paint recipe has saved me so much time and money! I cannot say enough good things! The value for this kit is unbelievable!"


Nathan - Verified Buyer

great set of natural brushes
"Ive been refinishing antique furniture since i was a pre-teen. i was blessed to have some great teachers and pieces to work with. one thing we always tried to do was match techniques and equipment used at the time of the pieces production. these natural hair brushes have preformed rather well. minimal shedding and deforming. the soap that comes with the kit is amazing.and the customer service has been stellar and it started before i received my kit. great company and great brushes, 100% would recommend and will get more when necessary"


terri - Verified Buyer

Awesome Brushes
"I highly recommend this set ! The brushes are high quality. Great value."


Rosemary - Verified Buyer

wonderful brushes
"I am using these brushes for large acrylic and oil paintings. They hold a lot of paint and cover a large canvas. People spend a lot more money for large brushes which are designed for oil painting. I was familiar with these brushes as I have also used them for painting furniture with chalk paint. Thank you."


Tabitha - Verified Buyer

Great quality brushes
"Easy to use, easy to clean, great quality. The box smelt like lavender , honestly didn't even realize it came with soap. It was a pleasant surprise."


Suzy Q - Verified Buyer

Great grouping for a great value!
"The great value for what I already knew to be good brushes as individuals."


Connie - Verified Buyer

Great product - nice assortment
"I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products. The variety of brushes was great for projects. Soap to clean the brushes is amazing (smells good too). Happy painting!"


Kathryn - Verified Buyer

Amazing Brushes
"I refinish furniture for a living and I absolutely love these brushes. They are as good as the very expensive brushes I've bought. The finish is beautiful and they clean up so easily. I highly recommend you give them a try."


Diana - Verified Buyer

What an amazing....
"What an amazing set of brushes! Great Quality!"


Ruthann - Verified Buyer

Love, Love, Love these brushes!
"These brushes are awesome! Very well made and sturdy. I received 6 brushes and love them all. The soap cleans them so well. Highly recommend this kit. If you paint and wax furniture you will love these brushes!"


Kim D - Verified Buyer

Decent and gets a big job done
"Some fibers come out but they do spread the paint nicely. Nice variety of brushes"


Wendi T - Verified Buyer

Cleaning is a breeze!
"Excellent brushes for chalk painting. Cleansing is a breeze!"


JLP - Verified Buyer

Great tool
"First let me just say OMG. I love this set I'm glad I made this purchase. The packaging was awesome love the presentation of it all. The smell of the cleaning soap can I just say omg again it smells so good. I thought it was bath soap for me. I followed the brush instructions very easy. I like the fact that they give you so much detail info on how to diy on things. I finished one of my projects and I am finishing up some others. Overall I would get this set it was way cheaper than getting one brush from hardware store that cost the same as this set. Umm no I'm not a fool. This product is great I didn't have any issues with the bristles coming off while I paint it was smooth sailing."


R. Hickerson - Verified Buyer

"This is a nice lil package of brushes and tools, I really love the soap, I could smell it as soon as I took the box out of the plastic mail bag. I like the brushes, this is my second order from this company, I would definitely order from them again!"


Tms - Verified Buyer

"Wow! Packaging was so nice! What great products!!! Very nice!"


Cassandra-in-Cali - Verified Buyer

Great Value
"The value for the price is amazing! I love that I get multiple brushes or different sizes for this price! I was excited when I saw these online and not disappointed when they arrived."


Cindy F - Verified Buyer

Great quality and variety.
"What a great variety of quality brushes along with a few handy extras!"


Tina L - Verified Buyer

Saves so much time when using chalk paint
"Absolutely love them."


Julie M - Verified Buyer

Excellent value for the money
"Good quality , didn't shed and made painting easy. The soap to clean smelled great"


Susan - Verified Buyer

Love them
"Great value and quality"


Antonia - Verified Buyer

Looking Good!
"So excited to use, will update after using but so far looks like great products!"


Gleene P - Verified Buyer

Best bang for your buck hands down.
"This is an unbelievable chalk paint brush set. The brushes are good quality and a fourth of the price in retail stores. Also included sanding pads and brush cleaners. Fantastic deal!"


Liz - Verified Buyer

Fantastic set
"These brushes are amazing! The bar soap for cleaning them is out of this world. Even cleaned up my older dirty brushes. And smells wonderful."


RDK - Verified Buyer

Amazing quality and assortment of brushes!
"I am thrilled with my box of brushes and all of the other goodies inside! The quality of the brushes equals or exceeds the brushes I have paid up to $75.00 for ONE brush! Thank you for offering such a great product at a very reasonable price."


Staci - Verified Buyer

Love them
"Needed some new chalk painting brushes for a project repurposing two smaller antique furniture pieces. Some of the best brushes I have ever owned or used. I can't say enough about them, definitely would recommend & will buy again!"

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