Share Your Before & After Photos!

We absolutely love it when our amazing customers share their before and after photos with us. Especially when they've put a lot of hard work and passion in to their creation. Upload images, videos and/or commentary on a recent project tackled with one of our brush sets. It's easy - just use the steps below to share your creation!

Take a Photo.

Take a Picture

Photos courtesy of Carol S. & Debra H.

Share on Amazon.

  1. Login to your Amazon account to view your recent purchases.
  2. Navigate to the purchase under the "Orders" section and click - Write a Review.
  3. Upload your project image(s) or video and write a review to tell us about it!
Share Your Project!

Share on Etsy.

  1. On or the Etsy app, click You.
  2. Click Purchases and reviews.
  3. Find the item you want to review.
  4. Click the star rating next to Review this item.
  5. Write your review in the textbox.
  6. Upload your project picture.
  7. Click Post your review.
Share Your Project!

You can also share your before and after photo with us on your favorite social media site. Use hashtag #vintagetonality

Want to Inspire Others?

Have a project you've completed that you're especially proud of, using our brushes? Want to share your Before & After photos and inspire others? We are looking for people just like you, to share them with us, for showcasing in our marketing campaigns. Interested? Simply fill out the submission form.

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We love it when customers share their projects with us!

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