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About Us Our Mission & Passion

About Usour mission & passion

Our mission statement: Treat customers like royalty by exceeding their expectations and provide outstanding customer service.

Our mission statement: Treat customers like royalty by exceeding their expectations and provide outstanding customer service.

At Vintage | Tonality, you will always be more than a customer; you will be a part of a growing community with a creative passion and a shared love of the traditional charm that comes from a natural bristle brush. We believe that painting should be fun and not a chore. So, we like to think of ourselves as the "paint party planners" of the brush world, helping you to throw the most epic DIY painting party ever. With our natural bristle brushes, you'll be able to create that vintage, distressed look that everyone craves. Plus, you'll be able to tell everyone that you did it yourself, and that's something to be proud of. So, come join our community of like-minded creatives, and let's paint the town red, or any color of your choice.

Family Biz Family Business.

Family Business

We are a small, family-owned and operated business located in the picturesque town of Bend, Oregon USA. Our brushes are handcrafted by a dedicated team, who take great pride in their work and believe that every brush should be treated like a work of art. Not only do we produce, package, warehouse, and ship our brushes and brush sets right here in our home town, but we also give each brush a hug before sending it off to its new home (just kidding, but they are made with love).

We understand that not everyone is a professional painter, that's why we combine our brushes and accessories into complete sets, making it easy for even the most novice of painters to achieve professional results. We like to think of our brushes as magic wands, turning your old furniture into something new and beautiful. So go ahead, pick up one of our brushes, and let the transformation begin!

Commitment Our Commitment.

  • Simple, No Hassle, No Worry Returns. We don't believe in buyer remorse.
  • Responsive White-Glove Customer Service. Email us with any questions or concerns, we'll get right back to you.
  • To engage in Honest, Ethical and Transparent business pratices.
  • We are fully committed to Ensuring Your Privacy. We will never sell, give away, distribute, and/or rent information about our customers.
  • Statisfaction Guarantee. Buy with the confidence of our Satisfaction Guarantee. We stand behind our products 100%.
Passion - we love what we do

Value Offer True Value.

As the customer: We want you to feel like you're the star of your own shopping story. We want you to feel confident in your choices, secure during the checkout process, and excited when your new brushes arrive at your doorstep.

The products: If you're not satisfied with your purchase, don't worry we got you covered! We take pride in developing quality brushes that we believe in, and we won't sell anything that doesn't meet our high standards. We have quality controls in place throughout the manufacturing process and we stand behind our brushes like a trusty sidekick, with a 30-day warranty against product material and workmanship. So, go ahead and add some new heroes to your brush collection, and let us take care of the rest.

Handcrafted chalk paint brushes by Vintage Tonality

Solving Issues Solving Issues.

Happy Customer

We may not be perfect, but we sure do try our best! We know that issues can pop up like unexpected guests at a party, no matter how much planning we do. But don't worry, we're not the type to just throw our hands up and call it a day. When an issue arises, we'll be there to jump into action and resolve it like superheroes in a cape. So, if you ever find yourself in a pickle, just give us a shout and we'll work tirelessly to make it right. After all, it's not the issue that will stick with you, it's how we handle it, and we always handle it with a smile.

Community Community Stewardship.

Community Servicer

We believe that doing good is the secret ingredient to doing well in business. That's why we're always on the lookout for local groups and organizations that share our values and passions. Giving back isn't just about writing a check, it's also about rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. It's a chance to connect with others and make a real difference with our time, energy, and skills. So let's raise a volunteer's glass to making the world a better place, one good deed at a time!

Eco Eco Impact


We may not have superpowers, but at our company, we're doing our best to save the planet one recycled box at a time. Our environmentally friendly printed materials and packaging are like the superheroes of the recycling world- made entirely of recycled, recyclable, reusable, and naturally biodegradable materials. Plus, with our company-wide recycling program, we're making sure that waste doesn't stand a chance. Together, we can make sure that our kids inherit a world that's just as beautiful as they are.

Molly ~
A lover of all things vintage, repurposed, and restyled. I am a furniture painting enthusiast and home décor crafting fanatic. I can often be found scouring thrift stores and garage sales for hidden treasures that just need a little TLC.

For me, chalk painting is not just a hobby, it's a passion. I believe that furniture should tell a story and I love to capture and create those natural and vintage textures that transform a dull and uninteresting piece into a personal home treasure.

But let's be real, it's not all serious business, I love to have fun and be creative. I'm not afraid to experiment and take chances, even if it means ending up with a piece that looks like a Jackson Pollock painting.

So whether I'm giving a new life to a piece of furniture or creating a unique home décor, I'm always striving to create something that's not just functional but also a true reflection of my personal style.

In short, I find joy in repurposing and transforming old or discarded items into my own personal treasures.

Cheers & Happy Painting!

Owner & Founder
Vintage | Tonality

Amazing things are created by passionate people

I want to acknowledge and express my love and gratitude to my amazing team, friends, and family who continue to support me unwaveringly on this fantastic journey.
  • Ellen
  • Ryan
  • Gavin
  • Stacy
  • Claire
  • Tate
  • Corey
  • Meghan
  • Raymond
  • Maggie
  • Kay
  • Theresa
  • Peder
  • Shannon
  • Angie
  • Meg
  • Sue
  • Parker
  • Maddy
  • Keely

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