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Vintage Tonality Chalk Wax Brush

Chalk & Wax Brush painting / waxing / stenciling / stamping

$7.50 - $14.50

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NOTE: Same great brushes but with some minor cosmetic flaws on the handle (I.e. logo off-center or slightly smeared). Click to view example.

Ideal for those just needing a single brush or simply looking to replace an older brush - without all the extras that come with our sets. Still the same brush(es) available in our signature set, delivering superior results and giving you that traditional old world, hand painted charm, that looks absolutely gorgeous.

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1PACK Brush Includes

3 Chalk and Wax Paint Brush Set


Bristles: Pure Boar Hair (double-washed)
Handle Material:
Beech Wood
Ferrule Material:
Stainless Steel
Paint Types:
Ideal for heavier and thicker paints - chalked, fusion, mineral, milk or wax.


Works on wood, metal, plastic, fabric, ceramic or glass.
Small Flat: for small or delicate applications areas, stenciling, stippling, and stamping.
Small Pointed: for corners, hard to reach areas, stenciling and delicate applications.
Large Round: use on larger surface areas. Provides maximum paint coverage with each brush stroke.



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